Gentle Spine Alignment Therapy

Why Spine Alignment Therapy?

  • Misalignments of the spine may cause nerve compression which can cause physical and psychological disorders.

What is the Dorn Method?

  • Dorn Method is a wholistic, gentle, effective and safe way to treat upper and low back pain. It also correct misalignments of the spinal column and other joints. It is completely safe but still very effective.
  • The Dorn Method is based on the correction of uneven leg length which can be diagnosed in almost every human today. Because of that the pelvis becomes twisted and this often results in a asymmetrical, crooked or displaced spinal column.
  • The Dorn Method can be called a ‘gentle' method and NO harm can be done to the patient because the correction pressure is stopped as soon as any Pain arises.

What happens during a Spinal Alignment Therapy session?

  • The Dorn Method treatment involves checking for and correcting unequal leg lengths, malpositioned pelvis, and misaligned spine. The patient is instructed to swing the arms or legs while the corrective therapy is being done. After the Dorn Method treatment, Breuss Massage - which is a gentle spinal massage that safely stretches, nourishes, aligns, energizes and heals our back-- is done.

How is Chiropractic Therapy different from Spine Alignment Therapy?


Dorn Method

Abrupt, fast corrections

Gentle, sensitive corrections
Uses traction (stretching)
Uses gentle pressure only (No traction!)

Correction in static position

Correction in dynamic motion

Surprises the muscles

Diverts the muscle's attention

Very few repetitions possible

Unlimited repetitions possible

Clients remain passive

Cliients cooperate actively

Numerous contra-indications

Very few contra-indications

Some risk

Almost no risk

No self-help exercises

Numerous self-help exercises


“What a surprise to know that one of my legs was longer than the other. Thanks Randy, my physical posture seems more aligned and I feel a greater sense of over-all well-being.” -- Kaka L.

“I’ll have this regularly please. As an athlete, my spinal health is my own responsibility as well.” -- Dave M.




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