Bio-energetics Clearing and Balancing

What is Bio-energy Clearing and Balancing?

  • Bio-energy Clearing and Balancing is a hands-on therapy aims that aims to release blockages in the human energy field. This human energy field is a low-level electromagnetic field that exists in and around the body. Sensitive electronic instruments such as the EEG, ECG, and heat-measuring devices can detect it and cameras can even capture the energy surrounding the body through Kalian photography. Any disturbance or imbalance in the body's electromagnetic field causes physical, mental, or emotional symptoms

What happens in the sessions?

  • Using methods developed from the ancient east and modern west, hands-on healing techniques are applied on specific body areas where the flow of energy is commonly blocked, or where energy is usually congested or deficient.

What are the benefits of Bioenergetics Clearing and Balancing?

  • Eliminates stress and promotes deep relaxation
  • Strengthens the immune system allowing the body to fight off illness
  • Eases depression, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Improves memory, creativity and learning ability
  • Strengthens the immune system allowing the body to fight off illness
  • Positive changes to attitudes and perceptions


I've been healing from anxiety and depression gradually and I believe that I get stronger emotionally with every session I have with you. I feel much better Randy-- not out of the woods yet, but much better." -- Mike R.

I've felt some strange sensations such as warmth in my hands and feet, purple lights, and waves of tingling all over. That's how I know that healing is happening in my body. -- Missy P.




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