What is Breathwork for Emotional Wholeness?

  • Breathwork for Emotional Healing is a form of body psychotherapy that uses breathing techniques for self-exploration and emotional healing. By breathing in certain ways, unresolved emotional experiences, forgotten memories, buried feelings, energy blockages, and unconscious attitudes surface. Whatever comes up can then be dealt with in subsequent counseling sessions.
  • A breathwork session lasts for 2 hours, which includes a short introductory talk, the breathwork proper, and then a counseling session afterwards. Others have requested to have sessions longer than 2 hours.
  • The facilitator watches over and ensures a safe environment for the client who lies on a mat during the breathwork session.
  • Clients must wear comfortable loose-fitting clothes, and may bring extra clothes in case needed.
  • Since Breathwork may evoke intense physical or emotional experiences, clients must be physically and psychologically fit. This type of body psychotherapy is not recommended for pregnant women, people with psychiatric illnesses, and those with medical illnesses such as cardiovascular problems, hypertension, infectious diseases, and seizure/epileptic disorders.


"The healing and transforming potential of breathwork has been very profound in my life. I’ve been through 5 long years of intensive psychotherapy in New York, but one session of breathwork brought the results I was longing for." – Hans K.




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