• Deepen your love for God
  • Appreciate God’s movement in your life
  • Move forward in your spiritual journey

These 2-day Retreat Workshops are a venue for you to design a personal program for nurturing your spirituality as you accomplish the following:

  • Trace the roots of your spirituality
  • Touch base with your current spirituality
  • Recognizes the different faces of God in your life
  • Discover God’s presence in life’s complexities
  • Recognize the blocks to your spiritual growth
  • Unburden yourself of spiritual baggage
  • Approach God through alternative paths
  • Celebrate your spirituality

“Having a spiritual retreat workshop with you has deepened my love for God. I’ve learned to appreciate God’s movement in my life. It is wonderful to be moving forward in my spiritual journey.” -- Sr. Tina.

“I’ve prayed for a deeper, more personal, and more meaningful faith and that prayer was answered through your workshop. May God enrich your own spirituality! ” -- Jordan E.




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