Inpatient Addiction Recovery Program or Outpatient Addictions Counseling with the following distinctives:

  • Empowers the individual to quit addiction
  • Emphasis on values formation, personality development, and spiritual growth
  • Personalized and individualized care, counseling, and treatment for each patient
  • Involvement of the family in the recovery program
  • Wholistic treatment which addresses the physical, emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual aspects of the patient's problems
  • Competent and professionally-trained staff consisting of doctors, nurses, counselors, and psychotherapists
  • Short-term, effective, and scientifically-designed program
  • Comfortable accomodations and well-catered meals
  • Confidentiality and compassion guaranteed
The Inpatient Addiction Recovery Program consists of 3 phases:
  • 1st phase: a 2-week Detoxification Program
  • 2nd phase: a 3-month Addiction Recovery Program
  • 3rd phase: a 1-month Outpatient Follow-up Program
The Outpatient Addiction Recovery Program consists of the following:
  • Medical, Psychiatric, and Psychological Evaluation
  • Weekly Urine Drug Testing
  • Weekly Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Weekly Family and/ or Marital Counseling Sessions


“I didn’t think I could do it Randy, but I’ve quit drugs for 8 years now and despite the stresses of life, I’m looking forward to exciting things in the future!.” -- Jericho H.

"I feel sorry for those folks who think that ‘once an addict, always an addict.’ There is indeed freedom from addiction and I’m living proof of that!” – Moquito A.



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