Living fully in the present means that you don't carry the heavy burden of the past on your back.

What are these Counseling Sessions for Healing your Childhood Wounds?

  • These sessions help you connect with and re-experience the memories and painful emotions of your childhood past so that you can process the pain, leave it behind, and finally move on forward with life.
  • As a child, your "basic" needs for love, acceptance, security, affection, affirmation, fun, and freedom may not have been met. As a child, you may have been abused, ignored, disrespected, or shamed. All these losses and hurts constitute your childhood wounds
  • Counseling sessions for Healing your Childhood Wounds last for an hour and are held weekly.
  • All sessions are held in a safe, nurturing, and confidential environment.
What do you gain from these Counseling Sessions for Healing your Childhood Wounds?
  • Be free of the burdens and pains of your childhood
  • Break the self-defeating patterns of your life that had resulted from your painful childhood experiences.
  • Love yourself and be self-confident.
  • Relate to others more authentically.
  • Love God more deeply.
  • Reinvent yourself and design the life which you want to live.
  • Live fully, meaningfully, and joyfully in the present moment.
  • Move forward towards a more promising future, with a sense of adventure.
Becoming aware of your Childhood Wounds

Finish the following sentence stems:

  • As a child, what I needed most from my father was...
  • As a child, what I needed most from my mother was...
  • As a child, I wish my family...
  • As a child, my deepest hurt/ frustration/ humiliation was...
  • As a child, what I didn't like about myself was...
  • As a child, I would have been happier if...
  • As a child, I was most ashamed about...
  • A childhood experience I try to forget is...


"Physical, sexual, emotional abuse, I’ve had it all. I always considered my life as one large heap of garbage. Now, I realize that I should even be thankful. There really is ‘gold in garbage’ and I feel like the richest person alive!” -- Zoray Q.

"Live in the NOW,’ my new life mantra!” -- Miguel Z..




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