Expressive Arts Therapy Workshops

What is Expressive Arts Therapy?

  • Expressive Arts Therapy is a fun way for people to engage in creative activities which facilitate emotional healing and personal growth. In Expressive Arts Therapy, the 5 art forms of movement, sound, visual arts, poetry, and drama are used.
  • Expressive Arts Therapy is a blend of creativity and psychotherapy. What is creative is frequently therapeutic. What is therapeutic is frequently a creative process.

Is artistic skill needed?

  • However, unlike ordinary art, dance, or drama classes, the focus is not on artistry, skill, talent, or performance. Expressive Arts Therapy is about immersing one's self in the creative process for the purposes of self-exploration, self-expression, self-healing, and self-expansion. The goal is to reach deep within one's self, to contact the authentic self, and to hear the messages from the inner core. Expressive Arts Therapy therefore requires no artistic skill whatsoever.

What happens during the sessions?

  • Expressive Arts Therapy starts of with some warm-up activities. It is then followed by the main creative-expressive activity. Afterwards, there is a time for discussing feelings and insights that had been elicited during the creative process. As participants share with each other, a sense of camaraderie, respect, and encouragement is established. In fact, many participants attend regularly since they consider the workshops as a support group for themselves.  
  • Expressive Art Therapy Workshops are held weekly. Each workshop will have 4-6 participants working in a highly creative, interactive, and experiential setting.


“Liberating… Fun, fun, fun, yet meaningful and insightful!” -- Bianca T.

"At the start, I was very conscious about what others would think of me and my artwork. Slowly, I shrugged off my inhibitions and realized that whatever I did was for myself, and for the growth of my inner Self. Thanks Randy, I've gained a lot of emotional support from the workshops!” -- Zed dC




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