What is Touch Therapy for Emotional Wholeness?

  • Touch Therapy for Emotional Wholeness is a form of hands-on, body-focused psychotherapy for integrating the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
  • Touch Therapy for Emotional Wholeness utilizes scientific, psychotherapeutic, ethical, artful, and respectful application of touch on the body. Through this type of touch, unresolved emotional experiences, forgotten memories, buried feelings, energy blockages, and unconscious attitudes that had been stored in the body finally surface and get released.
  • When psychological and emotional release occurs through Touch Therapy, the individual becomes empowered to break free from the unconscious self-defeating patterns of his/ her life.
Who can benefit from Touch Therapy for Emotional Wholeness?

People who are:

    • Pursuing a path of self-discovery, personal growth, and life transformation
    • Seeking emotional healing, integration, and wholeness
    • Exploring the body-mind connection
    • Utilizing their bodies in their professions: performance artists, dancers, athletes, musicians, actors
    • Seeking relief from physical symptoms caused by or aggravated by emotional factors
    • Suffering from stress, tension, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression
What happens during a session of Touch Therapy for Emotional Wholeness?
  • A complete Touch Therapy session lasts for an hour—30 to 45 minutes for the Touch Therapy and the rest of the hour for processing the experience.
  • The individual lies on a cushioned table, with minimal clothing, draped with a light blanket or sheet.
  • The Touch Therapist applies gentle yet firm touch on different areas of the body such as the back, shoulders, chest, upper and lower abdomen, and extremities.
  • Supportive words are offered and a safe and nurturing environment is created for the expression and release of emotions and feelings.
  • No inappropriate touching takes place. Boundaries are always respected and sessions are always confidential.
  • The number of sessions vary for every individual. A minimum of 5 weekly sessions is initially recommended, the last session being an Emotional Detox Bodywork Therapy Session.

What are the benefits of Touch Therapy for Emotional Wholeness?

People who undergo Touch Therapy for Emotional Wholeness experience the following benefits:

  • Greater physical relaxation
  • Greater emotional health
  • Deeper self-knowledge and self-awareness
  • Deeper re-connection to self and others
  • More vitality, meaning, and joyfulness in life


"No wonder I was always feeling so tense and restless-- my body stored so many bad memories and unresolved issues. Through Touch Therapy, I feel lighter, freer, and more peaceful. Thanks!” -- Petunia C.

"At first, I thought that Touch Therapy was one of those esoteric New Age energy-healing practices that merely creates a placebo effect. You’ve taught me that it’s a combination of “body psychology” and “psychotherapy.” Randy, it’s really amazing how simple, gentle, and respectful touch was able to make me more relaxed physically, emotionally, and mentally.” -- Paolo G.




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