Do you need a Shrink?

Answer the following questions to find out:


For Self-Discovery and Personal Growth:

 Do you want to discover your “authentic” self?
 Do you want to maximize your potential and become the best person you can be?
 Would you like to be a more “whole” and “integrated” person in the emotional, physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational aspects of your life?

For Guidance and Direction:

 Are you stuck or paralyzed in life and want to move on?
 Are you confused about what direction in life you should take?
 Do you want to overcome patterns of self-sabotage in your life?

For Emotional Healing:

 Do you free yourself of the emotional baggage you’ve been carrying for so long?
 Do you want to heal from the emotional wounds you incurred from your childhood, or from people or situations that have hurt you?
 Do you want a more full, more joyful, and more meaningful life than what you have now?

For a Life Makeover:

 Do you want to reinvent yourself and redesign your life?

For Psychiatric Treatment:

 Would you like to receive medical and holistic treatment for your condition?
 Are you tired of doctors who are trigger-happy in giving medications and just give you 30 minutes of consultation time?
 Would you like help in living a more full, joyful, productive and meaningful life despite your condition?

Specific Checklist: Are you burdened by any of these problems?

 Relationship problems
 Teenage problems
 Attitude problems
 Personality problems
 Depression / Suicidal thoughts
 Anxiety / Panic attacks
 Irritability/ Anger/ Violence
 Stress / Burn-out
 Fears / Worries
 Loneliness / Grief
 Intense emotions / feelings
 Traumatic experiences
 Physical / Sexual abuse
 Unresolved childhood issues
 Identity crisis
 Quarterlife crisis / Midlife crisis
 Concentration difficulties
 Sleep problems
 Eating disorders
 Mood swings
 Bipolar disorder
 Disturbing thoughts
 Repetitive behaviors
 Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
 Psychosomatic illnesses
 Gender identity problems
 LGBTQIAA issues
 Sexual concerns
 Sexual difficulties
 Sexual addictions / perversions
 Body-image problems
 Impulse control problems
 Drug Addiction / Alcoholism
 Computer Addiction
 Gambling Addiction
 Nervous breakdowns
 Schizophrenia / Psychosis
 Other Life problems

If you answer “yes” to any of the items above, let’s meet! I’ll be glad to help you!





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