Life Coaching: Becoming a New You for the New Year
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New Year is the best time for starting afresh. People are full of hope and anticipation for the New Year. It feels like getting a new lease on life and thus, resolutions are made. But year after year, the same thing happens. Within a few weeks, resolutions fizzle out and all enthusiasm and hope is gone! It doesn't matter what resolutions were made-- keeping fit, losing weight, or being a better person. Feelings of guilt, disappointment, and frustration abound as promises for the New Year get quickly broken! Just why do people keep on repeating the same mistakes?

“New year resolutions end up in the trash bin because of psychological blocks that prevent us from accomplishing them. Consciously, we want to change, but subconsciously, we know that there’s too much to lose in changing. In our subconscious minds, the advantages of continuing the unwanted behavior still outweigh its disadvantages,” Dr. Randy Dellosa explains. “To overcome the self-sabotage of New Year’s resolutions, people have resorted to getting their personal life coach,” he adds.

Popularly known as the in-house psychologist-psychiatrist of ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother, Dr. Randy is distinguished as a life coach and the only European–trained Filipino psychotherapist specializing in wholistic emotional healing and body–mind integration. Being the innovative and creative healer that he is, he frequently incorporates art therapy, dream analysis, hypnotherapy, drama and movement therapy, bio-energy healing, touch therapy, nutritional healing, detoxification therapies, needle-less acupuncture, and other alternative forms of healing in his sessions.

In the Philippines, life coaching is fast becoming a trendy buzzword among young adults, professionals, and mid-lifers. Clients basically seek life coaching for a make-over of their total person-- that is, to reinvent themselves or to design new lives for themselves. Some feel "stuck" in their life situation and need guidance, motivation, and inspiration. Others are in transition or at a crossroads in their lives and want to find some clear direction to take. Life coaching is most useful when one is experiencing inner struggles, negative emotions, stressful situations, or life problems.

However, Dr. Randy quickly clarifies, “People don’t need to have problems before they consult me. Many simply want to discover their ‘authentic’ selves, to attain their highest human potentials, or to reinvent themselves and redesign their lives. Life coaching is basically a tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and life transformation.”

Despite the numerous psychologists and psychiatrists in the country, people seek Dr. Randy out because they are certain of the personal care and concern they will receive from him. “These people consult me because they are assured of privacy and that confidentiality will strictly be kept. They are also confident in my competency as a life coach, counselor, physician, psychologist, and psychiatrist,” Dr. Randy says. “They know that I don’t judge or condemn people, but instead I treat them respectfully and sincerely and look at their problems as objectively as possible,” he adds.

“When helping my clients, I individualize the therapy sessions according to their particular issues and needs. While most psychiatrists merely focus on giving medications, my approach is truly ‘wholistic’ since I address the physical, emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual aspects of their problems,” he says.

And for this New Year, what should the motivation be for people to get a life coach? “It‘s the desire to be the best person one can become,” Dr. Randy stresses. “Life coaching for the New Year involves looking back at what has happened, what didn’t happen, what could have happened and more importantly, what you want to happen in the coming year!”  

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