Celebrity Shrink: The Life Coach of the Rich and Famous
Philippine Star Newspaper

Actors and actresses are celebrities in their own fields, loved by many for their looks, talents, or brilliance. In the eyes of the adoring public they can do no wrong, but according to Dr. Randy Dellosa of the InnerLife Wellness Center, these celebrities do experience the same emotional and psychological problems that ordinary humans do.

“Famous personalities primarily come to me for the same life problems that ‘ordinary’ people have,” Dr. Randy says. “Usually, they have relationship, addiction, or personality problems which they want to overcome.”

Dr. Randy, a Europe-trained Filipino Psychotherapist and Life Coach with extensive training in Human Potential Development, says that all sorts of celebrities-- actors and actresses, athletes, dancers, artists, writers, models, politicians, business professionals, and religious people come to consult him.

While many consult him because of emotional problems such as depression, loneliness, anxiety, panic, anger, guilt, doubt, worries, stress and burnout, there are also many famous personalities who come to him because they simply want to discover their ‘authentic self,’ to attain their highest human potentials, or to reinvent themselves and redesign their lives.

“Celebrities tend to possess a high degree of self-consciousness and are quite very critical of themselves and of their abilities. Because they are considered dispensable ‘commodities’ in their respective fields, there is the unrelenting pressure to always be at one’s best, to look attractive, and to please the public,” says Dr. Randy. Lost popularity and fading career, he says, are their greatest fears.

Despite the numerous psychologists and psychiatrists in the country, celebrities seek Dr. Randy out because they are certain of the personal care and concern they will receive from him.

“These people consult me because they are assured that confidentiality will strictly be kept and because they are confident in my competency as a life coach, counselor, physician, psychologist, and psychiatrist,” Dr. Randy says.

“They know that I don`t judge or condemn people, but instead I treat them respectfully and sincerely and look at their problems as objectively as possible,” he adds.

Entertainment celebrities, according to Dr. Randy, also suffer from other work-related stresses such as harassment by fans, gossip and negative publicity, rivalry among colleagues, blocks to artistic expression, and irregular work hours.

“For the price of fame, celebrities suffer the stress of having to live in glass houses. Not only are their professional careers on 24-hour surveillance, but their private lives are dissected and intimate details sold for public consumption,” Dr. Randy says.

Dr. Randy further stresses that emotional and personal problems should be addressed early since clinical symptoms such as sleep and appetite problems, bodily aches and pains, sexual dysfunction and severe depression and anxiety may develop.

For his part, Dr. Randy offers not only effective medical treatment for his patients but more importantly does counseling and psychotherapy to make sure that his clients get to the roots of the problem.

“When helping my clients, I individualize the therapy sessions according to their particular issues and needs. While many psychiatrists just focus on giving medications, my approach is more ‘wholistic’ since I address the physical, emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual aspects of their problems,” he says.

His approach to healing is usually ‘interactive’ as he uses non-conventional methods such as art therapy, dream analysis, touch therapy, breathwork, psychotherapeutic massage, body-mind integration exercises, hypnotherapy, and other alternative forms of healing.

Seeking help from Dr. Randy or any other psychiatrists and psychologists need not be the last resort he says. “People don’t need to have problems before they consult me. Life coaching is basically a tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and life transformation,” he stresses.

To maximize the benefit that patients can gain from Life Coaching, Dr. Randy has only one requirement: “The desire to work at being a better person and have a more meaningful life.

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