Secrets to a Life of Fitness
By Jennifer Casipit and Allen Liberato
Women’s Journal

Models and actresses. A slew of TV hosts. A radio DJ and a restaurer. PR practitioners and fitness specialists. A ballet instructor and a security exprt. A beauty queen, a psychiatrist, and a couple of sports enthusiasts. It is a sundry group with diverse interests. Yet, they all have one thing in common: a healthy lifestyle. While stress is a natural offshoot of their professions or businesses, they have adopted coping mechanisms with which they deal with it or avoid it altogether.

And they are all physically fit. As in robust and healthy, without being obsessed with fitness to the exclusion of life’s little pleasures.

For this special feature, Women’s Journal posed three vital questions to all of them: their secrets to weight loss or keeping fit; how they cope with stress; and their singular tip for achieving optimum health.

From their answers, we have learned that each of our respondents follows a regimen that he/she has crafted to fit his/her needs or lifestyle. Some eschew red meats and sweets; others swear by a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Most work out vigorously in a gym, while others burn fat through sports.

While all our resopondents indulge in relaxing activities to de-stress, most of them realize that a holistic-- mental, emotional, and spiritual-- approach to optimum health works best for the long haul.

Finally, the singular tip that wraps up this enlightening forum: Find humor in all aspects of life. Yes, have fun and always think positive. Life, after all, is one continuing journey. If we “travel light,” and rid ourselves of the excess baggage of anger, jealousy and envy, bitterness and resentment, we make the trip a lot more enjoyable-- and a lot less stressful.

Here, let the following beautiful people lead you on the road to healthy living. (Randy Dellosa’s interview)

1. What are your secrets to weight loss or keeping fit?

I start out my day with a breakfast of oatmeal. Not only does it do wonders for lowering cholesterol level, it also does wonders in keeping my weight down. And during the day, I munch on something light such as crackers or nuts, and guzzle up on water, juices, or green tea. Doing this numbs the hunger center of my brain. Whenever I feel hungry however, I like reaching for those high-fiber chewy energy bars. Because my stomach is filled with something the whole day, I eat very little for lunch and dinner. Coupling my diet with three hours of tennis in a week, I get to maintain my weight without too much hassle.

2. What are the things you do to fight stress?

To combat physical stress, I do qigong exercises daily, get a massage every week, gulp down a daily handful of vitamins, and sleep without an alarm clock. For mental relaxation, I spend an hour listening to those holosync brain integration tapes. For emotional health, I have counseling sessions with my own shrink. Moreover, I try to understand what my dreams mean and engage in art therpay. Finally, for spiritual nurturing, I read my bible daily, practice Zen meditation, and at the end of the day, thank God for how good He always is.

3. If you could dispense with just one tip to help people achieve optimum health, what would it be?

As a psychiatrist, the simplest tip I have for emotional health is this: Aim to live a life that’s full, joyful, and meaningful, and let go of whatever hinders you from experiencing such.

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