Life Coaching for Celebrities

"helping Entertainment Personalities cope with the stresses in life and at work"

"Oprah's self-assured persona caused even me to forget that she was as vulnerable to hurt as all of us. During her crisis, all that Oprah could say was, "I can't believe this is happening. This is so unfair. Why is this happening to me?" What makes Oprah so appealing is the fact that she is so real, so human, and has the same frailties that we all do."

Dr. Philip McGraw
Life Coach of Oprah Winfrey

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a means by which entertainment personalities can achieve their fullest human potential in their professional and personal lives. Life Coaching provides entertainment personalities with an opportunity for:

  • self-discovery and personal growth
  • developing professional attitudes and work behaviors
  • discovering personal values, purpose, and meaning-in-life
  • overcome blocks to creativity and artistic expression
  • deal with problems in life and at work

Common work-related stresses experienced by our clients from the entertainment industry

  • loss of privacy in daily life; intrusion and harassment by fans, media, and stalkers
  • the stress of needing to please the public
  • self-consciousness; the stress of having to always look attractive for the public
  • the need to maintain popularity ratings
  • the stress of declining popularity, a fading career, or unemployment
  • the stress of dealing with gossip or bad publicity
  • substance addictions, food addictions, and other process addictions
  • the stress of high-intensity portrayals of acting roles
  • the stress of transitioning from screen roles to real life roles
  • the stress of being valued for their screen roles instead of their real selves
  • the stress of experiencing blocks to artistic-expression
  • the stress of relationship entanglements
  • conflicts between personal values and values of the entertainment industry
  • the stress of having to work despite personal problems or negative emotions dealing with
  • difficult people in the entertainment industry
  • the stress of having "stage parents"
  • the stress of being treated as "commodities" by the entertainment industry
  • the stress of proving to others that one's celebrity status has not gone into his/ her head
  • the stress of becoming the main bread-winner and being expected to support family and relatives
  • the stress of manager-talent relationship conflicts
  • the stress of rivalry among stars under one outfit
  • the stress of needing to be distinct from other talents; the need to stand out from the rest
  • dislocation stress brought about by successive location shootings in different places
  • the stress of having low self-esteem or confidence

The Life Coaching Program consists of the following:

  • Life Coaching Sessions for New Talents
  • These are individual and group sessions which prepare incoming talents to adjust to the stresses of entering the entertainment industry.

  • Life Coaching Sessions for Work-related Stresses and Personal Problems

    These are confidential one-on-one sessions which allow old and new talents to ventilate, explore, and deal with the stresses and problems at work and in life.

  • Growth Groups for Self-Discovery and Personal Growth
  • These are small-group workshops that help entertainment talents experience a more meaningful, purposeful, and satisfying life. The workshops are meant to facilitate personal wholeness, wellness, growth, and healing.

  • Support Groups for Specific Life Problems

    These are support groups that help entertainment talents draw strength and inspiration from colleagues who are experiencing similar problems.

  • Addiction Recovery Program
  • This program consists of confidential, short-term, and personalized medical care, counseling sessions, and group workshops that help individuals overcome their addiction.


  • “Everyone and everything just passes by in this business. Nothing is permanent. Your coaching has taught me that I can hold onto my personal values, my self-worth, my spirituality, and my loved ones in this culture that’s so unstable and unforgiving.” -- “R”




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